BBC to host Multi-OS Debate and My First Web Auction

Tux, the Linux
PenguinBBC are putting together a Mac, Windows and Linux user, to debate the pros and cons of being a users for each operating system. While this in itself is good news (more airtime for alternatives), most of the comments are highly in favour of Linux, then Mac and lastly Windows. This is part of the BBC’s coverage of Windows Vista. My hope for the future is that Mac and Linux gain at least 10% each (20% total) over the next 5 years of the home desktop market, as this will push innovation forward, like AMD and Intel competition.

I am selling my first item on auction giant Ebay, my Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. It has served me well, but I recently got a mail the other day that prompted me to sell my 770. It was Nokia: they informed me since I was one of the first to purchase the 770 and I was an influential blogger, they are giving me a lot of money off, and are going to let me have the n800 for a token sum. Hopefully the auction will go well, I will get the n800 and have a bit of cash to spare. Not bad as one might say!

Nokia 770 Ebay