Best Radio Podcasts

Even while podcasts are relatively new (well a couple of years - like blogs), Irish Radio Stations are surprisingly well in on the act. Even our incumbent state broadcaster, RTE, is podcasting en-masse on both RTE Radio 1 and RTE 2FM. To recieve podcasts, you need podcasting software, start by getting Juice Reciever(Formerly iPodder), available for Linux, BSD, MAC and Windows. I will start with my top 5 Irish Radio podcasts:

  1. Matt Cooper’s The Last Word, Today FM
  2. The Weekly Ryan, Gerry Ryan, RTE 2FM
  3. Breakfast Show with Eamon Dunphy, NewsTalk 106 (Dublin-Based)
  4. The Saturday Show, RTE 2FM
  5. The Tubridy Show, RTE Radio 1

Now for my Top Technology Related Podcasts:

  1. Lug Radio
  2. BBC Digital Planet
  3. Diggnation

Most importantly, all of the above are free, some even are advertising free (Lug Radio, Digital Planet, Ryan Weekly).This is not a definitive list, only a select few popular ones that I myself listen to. If you want to suggest more, go ahead, tell me whats the best podcasts in your area, I would be interested to know! In the meantime, hours of listening lies ahead of you, mp3 players at the ready. Also almost all are update continually, so more to listen to every day!