Blog Updates, Calendar Updates, broken Macbook

Well first of all, there has been some blog updates, inspired no less by my Grandfather! He’s at a fragile old age, so he can’t read the screen all too well. This is not a problem however, as he sets all fonts to 16 and higher in Firefox (which is out of beta and into version 2.0!). That got me thinking, as I really struggled to read this page being marginally away from the screen, as I am a [Keratoconus][] sufferer. As a result, I have enlarged all fonts in my blog, in an effort to make them more readable… I encourage everyone to do the same, or at least follow the [web standards][] so that it can be properly auto resized by browsers.

Also I have updated my Calendar for well into 2007! All the dates I can forsee have been duly added and accounted for. Please consult to it and collaborate (if you have a google account, you can add appointments, invite me to yours etc.) I use it all the time (especially as I have [iSync][]), which syncs it to my Nokia 6021) and iPod through iTunes) Google now sends me an SMS (although it costs standard rate [13c per message for me] :-( ) two days before every appointment as a friendly reminder.

As the title reads, my Macbook was well and truly borked, well at least the charging function is. I rang Apple, which were more helpful than I expected. They offered to send me a replacement charger, which I offered to take, but the operator agreed with my assesment that it was the [Power Management Unit][], and that another AC adaptor would not cut it. I have since taken it to an Apple service center, called Mactivate. Also just a quick footnote, but I recently read of spammers hiring people in the third wirld to read [capthcas][] (like ones I use) and post spam. It seems I may have been affected by this, luckily it was still filtered by akismet!! muhahahahaha

[capthcas]: [Power Management Unit]: [Keratoconus]: [web standards]: [SMS]: [iSync]: