Chrome vs. Internet Explorer Audience

Lately both Google and Microsoft have been advertising their respective browsers on British Television (received¬†in Ireland by the vast majority of the population). It’s interesting the different approach each company is taking.

Chrome ad:

To me the Chrome ad is very family oriented, stressing the utility of the web and the ease of reaching people and staying in touch. No¬†surprise they didn’t feature Facebook, which is what the vast majority use to keep in touch.

Compare this with the Internet Explorer ad:

It’s fast, flashy and visually appealing. Much less of the “real” web like the Chrome advert but I’m guessing that this advert is aimed at a younger audience the the Chrome ad. Microsoft needs mindshare for Internet Explorer and I’m guessing this is where they are shooting for. Also telling is the lack of any other myriad of online services Microsoft own is featured (bar Bing). Chrome market share is mature and Google wants more online shoppers who will click on ads or even better, pay Google to advertise (interesting lack of Adsense).

The best ad? I’ll be controversial and say they are both equally as good!