I’ve had this DeLonghi machine for a year and a half now, and I possibly am slightly a little in love. It was the best rated coffee machine (at time of purchase) on Amazon and it doesn’t dissapoint. For the purpose, it’s wonderful:

Make great coffee fast, without a mess.

If you’re looking for more, I would have a look at the more expensive models. When I shopped around at the time, I read that the internals of this machine are just as good as the ones that DeLonghi sells that are twice as expensive. Mostly the price difference comes down to the “extraneous” features. Where this machine falls down is in a few areas:

  • Boiler takes an eternity to switch from Coffee to steam and vice versa (important if you want to make a lot of cappucino or lattes)

  • The “cup warmer” (silver area on top, where you can place cups) wouldn’t warm the sun. It’s useless!

  • Water tank is on the small side - but I take this as a kind of a strengh (as I want to consume that much coffee from this machine)

It’s a solid buy if your in need of a bean-to-cup (and to be honest, they are the cleanest and least hassle of any coffee machine types, in my opinion) and comes recommended. Be warned though, it’s too good to share in an office environment!!