Computer Graphics: Bauhaus Chess Design

One of our projects this semester is to make a Bauhaus Chess set in a program called 3DS Max (created by Autodesk). 3DS Max is a modeling and animation tool built specifically for creating 3D representations and models. Being a lover of Open Source, when we we’re told although Blender was considered, it fell a bit short for some reason, so we had to use 3DS Max.

3DS Max is not bad to use, some of the tools are nice if your not an arty type (like me) and prefer more technical and structured things. Some of the effects (like glass and water) give a really nice effect to add to the model your designing. Also as part of the project we had to have an accompanying website, which you can view at

Here’s some pictures of my chess set:


If your interested, definitely check out the website. If you like my (pretty average I think) models and have a copy of 3DS Max, you can Download my .max file and play around with it. All my material is released under CC Attribution Non commercial license (see copyright of the blog).