CSThesis: Create Professional looking thesis

As part of my undergradute thesis, I found a template (for LyX) to ease the pain of formatting a thesis in LaTeX. Making it look just right to me was very important. If your are writing a thesis, perhaps you feel the same way? If so, read on…

While doing my first undergraduate thesis in Computer Science, I found a template used for a Computer Science thesis in NUI Maynooth (a university in Ireland). What attracted me was simple: it was battle tested and easily customisable. That was 2011 and since then I’d pretty much forgotten about it.

Until now. I’ve cleaned up the templates, got the required files and created and install script. You can now be up and running in minutes! All you need is git installed and to clone this repository.

Please submit any improvements as pull requests! In particular a Windows install script would be nice (I’ve completed the Mac and Debian-based Linux install script).