Eircom Responds...

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eircom has not agreed to block any Internet sites from being accessed by
end-users. As part of the settlement of the above proceedings, it was
agreed that eircom would not oppose an application by the Plaintiffs to
seek to have eircom block access to the Pirate Bay website. The Music
Industry will still have to establish, in the normal way that there is
an appropriate basis for the relief which they seek from the Court.
eircom is not supporting or consenting to the application. The
settlement makes no provision for any site other than the Pirate Bay

It is important to note that:

  • eircom will not monitor its customer’s activities at any stage.
  • eircom will not implement any form of monitoring equipment or software on its network.
  • eircom will not provide personal details or any information relating to its customers to any third party, including the record companies.

No personal data will be transferred from eircom to the
record companies which would enable any customer of eircom to be
identified. eircom has agreed to keep confidential and will not
disclose any information concerning its customers to the record
companies and it will in particular observe in all respects the laws on
data protection.

With Thanks
Thomas Ryan
Head of eircom Customer Care