The British Press annoys me so much, they way they constantly get it wrong across the board about the EU. I am a fond supporter of the EU for all its faults and cracks. But I love freedom of the press and like organisations who uphold basic journalistic standards, such as the BBC. This leads me onto the evil man behind it all, Rupert Murdoch owner of The Sun, BSkyB Television, The Times and other media outlets. It seems all he pushes is his agenda, whether it be the Bush Right-Christian agenda on Fox in the US or Eurosceptic view in his British interests.

I speak of this because of the shocking facts I discovered on an EU website, by the commissioner for the EU in The UK. Honestly some of the things that are published are unbelievable! One can only guess Murdoch motives (maybe to foster the special relationship between UK and USA even further?) Who knows? One thing is for certain, the US resent the EU bargaining power and good relations with China and Russia. One to hit the headlines was US supposedly using spy planes to ferry people to be tortured in countries such as Egypt (Known for bad Human Rights record).

I think British People do not realise how beneficial giving money to aid development is, take my own country , Ireland for instance. Forty years ago we were a backward nation with no prospects, Now we are one of the richest in Europe and will become a contributor to the EU soon. We should aim to replicate the Ireland Effect in the new accession countries to help the develop. If they grow, it means an enlarged market for British made products, thereby helping generate more wealth - what goes around comes around, this is not a battle for identity with France or Germany any more!