Get the facts, about "Get the Facts"

Just a quick blurb about some things Microsoft like to say: Don’t believe it, well at least not it all anyway. On the Irish “Get the Facts” page (on Windows Server vs. Linux), they make critical errors of judgement a person reasonably well versed in computing could deconstruct. First of all, Linux isn’t a server, its a kernel, like the Windows kernel. So comparing “Windows Server 2003” to “Linux” is misleading to say the least, and stupid to say the most. You could run any server software on Linux you wished, even Windows Server 2003 if Microsoft ported it! For the sake of argument, I think they are comparing themselves to Apache, which runs 60% of worldwide servers[1].

It gets better though! They use Case Studies to show companies who have switched. Now what they forget to mention, out of the case studies is that some of the companies still use and sell Linux solutions to customers (like Rackspace and GoDaddy)! It took me <15 seconds to search for these companies on Google and find that out. Please Microsoft, save some face and release actual independent verifiable data. Fact is I would not buy off a company who can’t even defend and sell its products properly.