Go Bag(s)

I follow Casey Liss’ blog and recently he had a great post about a technology “go pack”. Lifehacker has written about this over the years, and the Wirecutter has a great article I shared here on this very blog. Also Casey linked to a great post by Katie Floyd on Twitter:


I finally took the hint / inspiration from all these posts, and I decided time was right to put together my own “go bag”. Here’s a picture of my tech go bag:

Neil’s Tech Go Bag

What’s in my (tech) go bag:



and to keep these organised:


Other Holiday Travel stuff / bags

Also with the tech go bag, I’ve created a toiletry bag, contact lens bag etc. This goes with Ebags I bought in 2014, which have been great for travel. I bought some of these from Amazon and then from Ikea and I’m going to see which lasts longer :)

Some more pictures:

Neil’s Grooming Bag

3 sizes of BUBM bags

IKEA travel bottles in freezer bags