Google buy YouTube, GTalk for everyone and Blogger Bliss

I haven’t posted in a while :-( Ah well here it goes: Well we’ve all seen the news Google has bought YouTube for a reported 1.65 Billion US dollars, the deal was reportedly sealed at at Dennys in California (gotta admire that style and sophistication). I think its way overvalued Youtube, at 24m per employee! We all know it serves 100m videos a day, but it has been living off measly venture capital and hasn’t got a verifiable steady income stream, which I guess is where Google enter with Adwords….

Gtalk has now opened up to everyone with an email address, this is great news for Jabber. While [email protected] was okay, people prefer to have one unified address (well I do) for email and instant messaging. Also comes news of deal with Skype, and old news of AOL joining their IM services with Google Talk. This is great for the Jabber Platform, and should halp fight competition from the recent Yahoo-MSN messenger tie up, hooray for open standards!

I am seriously thinking of moving this blog to blogger, and migrating from (the wonderful) wordpress. I want to do this of reasons of cost (for one, I pay hosting) and I want to trial hosting it myself, with Blogger as a backup. I don’t think I will ever get slashdotted now, but it always helps to have as robust of a network as Google does behind you. That is the reason I use Google hosted, it is reliable and dependable , not to mention feature-rich.

I would also like to quickly metion Firefox 2, which is in beta stage at the moment. I am writing the blog post on my MacBook through it, and the spell checker is smething quite special (It has a red line under that purposeful spelling error as I type, rather useful!). Anyways, I hope to post more often and soon…………..