Google Video

What a fantastic service Google now offer with their Google Video platform. There are a couple of reasons why I like it, mainly because it is available to upload your videos on all platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac) and is available on Mozilla-based browsers (Firefox, Netscape), Opera and Internet Explorer.This is important in creating a better all round user experience. If only Yahoo! would follow Googles example and open up Launch Cast to other browsers besides an outdated version of Netscape and Internet Explorer.

I have a criticism of Google Video also, and that is it takes too long to approve videos (8 days in my case), the should at least give an expected time- frame and allow notification through email when your video is accepted and available live on Google. Other than that the service is pretty good and as it is still in the Beta testing phase, Google have promised to make it better. This could be a precursor to Google trying to launch its own media-for-sale in the form of Music videos, who knows? One things for sure, it is going to steal the thunder from launchcast.

My first video I have uploaded is below, it is called “We Hate Coogie Bear : The Motion Picture”: