Hollywood Tech

I always enjoy watching shows like CSI for the over-the-top depiction of current technology. They obviously have people in know, it’s not like the script writers of major shows cannot get someone to consult them on technology (or maybe they don’t - sometimes I do wonder).

The video below is about IRC (Internet Relay Chat). They are correct it’s primitive (it’s all text) and hackers do actually use it (groups like Anonymous), but you can’t track someone to their living room using just an IP address!! The montage about the boats trying to explain how IRC works is off-the-wall insane crazy. WHY?!?, alas:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2rGTXHvPCQ]

Also I found the gem below, where an assistant says she’ll “Create a GUI in Visual Basic to track the killers IP address”. And while she’s creating that Graphical User interface, anyone in the know can only assume the killer used that time to get away! No-one creates a GUI to display a number, all you can track is already on the web with a quick search for “IP Lookup”. This is a buzz-word fest to seem very high-tech!

But having said all of that, these videos are very entertaining.