Hurling - Four in a row?

One cannot help but be amazed at Kilkenny; true masters of the Irish Gaelic Sport of hurling. I mean as my previous posts mention I have moved to Kilkenny; and rural South Kilkenny at that. They live and breath Hurling down here: it’s literally a way of life. That is why they are so good; no mystery here folks: its is literally bred into children in schools and everyone plays it. More people playing means even though Kilkenny is only around 100,000 people it still has a large amount of people to pick from and they get the best training which equals the best results.

The City’s mayor Pat Crotty said (paraphrased as I read it and cannot find the quote): “People say Kilkenny winning all the time is bad for hurling, not with displays like that”. That is referring to the utter decimation of the county that adjoins South Kilkenny: Waterford. They were beaten by the biggest scoreline in over 50 years I think it was; yes it was a savage display. I speak as a Kildare man from a county that has achieved little to no success (sorry lads lets face facts!); and I wish they would emulate Kilkenny’s prowess and agility. The press raved about how it was the best display of Hurling this century. As things go I was working; but the vibe was unreal. I was also working when over 25,000 people showed up to greet them home.

Anyways in South Kilkenny where my folks live is called Danesfort; and to prove how into Hurling they are they even have a song (bear in mind this is not a town or village; its basically a pub, church and houseS with less than 80 people living here); proof if it’s needed Kilkenny are mental about Hurling: