IEDR too stringent? Sorry about my email!

We all want to stop spam and phishing domains, it hurts the Internet and confidence in it. Their is a lot of debate on this issue, even from the registrars. But I believe, as I know there are probably many out their like me, that the Irish Domain Registry have taken this one step too far. One only has to look to Slashdot to see what the rest of the world thinks about our backwards, censorship-driven domain registry. My favourite rule they have about domains is perhaps the one which requires the least amount of bureaucracy:

Personal names must consist of the initial letter from each of two or more of the words which comprise the legal personal name of the applicant, in the order in which these words occur in the name, followed by any two digits to be requested by the applicant. As an example, John Citizen could register

This is indicative of a backwards registrar that wants you to accept numbers in your domain, what the hell? I wouldn’t take the dot ie of, it seems cheap, like a social networking site. One has to only look at Technorati and the top Irish bloggers to see IEDR is failing in its service to the Irish people.

Sorry to all those people trying to email me, I had a bit of trouble with my DNS settings. It should be all fixed now!