Internet Explorer thanks Firefox, sincerely?

Reading my favourite tech news site: Slashdot ( /.), I see the Internet Explorer team have sent the Firefox Team a nice cake:

MS IE Cake for Firefox

One comment I read said it all really:

Seems even the IE team knows that IE is dead.

As for the ex-lax, bugs, pubes in the cake of course none of that is true. Those things would only be possible if someone at Microsoft actually made the cake, and that’s not how MS does things. They knew they couldn’t make a good cake so they just went out and bought a cake from someone who already knew how to make one and then stuck their logo on it and called it theirs.

This is of course just lighthearted banter, but on a serious note, many Internet Explorer developers have Firefox to thank for a job. Microsoft disbanded the Internet Explorer team after version 6 and had no plans to make version 7 until Firefox blazed a trail, irony or what? Here’s to many years of competition between Firefox, Internet Explorer (on whatever platform!), Opera, Safari, Konqueror and the rest!