Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

I got it! UPS delivered the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. What can I say? It is pure magic! The features are great, it includes:

It runs on Linux, making it totally extendable. It even has its own developer site at, where applications can be downloaded. Hot on my list were Doom (the Game) and GAIM (Instant Messenger, uses Google Talk, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, IRC, etc). Unfortunately their is no Skype for Nokia 770 just yet, but hopefully it will be here soon. Nokia has promised an upgrade in 2006, that will include VOIP, such as skype.

All major formats have good support on the Nokia 770, including:

As soon as I took it out of the package, within minutes I was surfing, the only delay was trying to find MAC address (as my router uses access control list) which I eventually found underneath the battery. I thought this was a bit odd as Mac Address’ are easily attainable when it is connected to a network, so hopefully Nokia will revise this! The media card is also only 64mb, which gives a total free of about 108mb space. RS-MMC (The media card it uses) only come in prohibitive sizes and are expensive, this will most likely change if it is widely used. The stand that comes with it is the most difficult part of the package! It took me 20mins to try and figure out how to use the stand. All in all it is not a great stand, just two lumps of plastic. The battery seems respectable at the moment, with a predicted time of three hours battery life and seven days standby. I got a bit more then three hours when I first opened it, it worked out just a little over 3hrs 20mins. Not bad for a 2/3 full battery Nokia packs with new devices!

Not surprisingly, reviews are excellent for it. A lot of noise is made of the fact that it is so customisable and that all of the programs for it are free! Abiword is also a must have, it opens and edits documents. It compared to other tablets is quite cheap, at about €369 including delivery, in Ireland.

I will be posting updates on my free Wifi testing campaign soon, its all about to kick off! I will let you know best free wifi spots in and around Dublin area!

Anywhere you think I should go? Please tell me, it will be useful!