iPad Pro Review

After some thought initially on a new laptop, I decided to spring for an iPad Pro 12.9". So far I am really glad I did, the computer comes with me everywhere. I bring it to work, to visit family, on trips and everywhere in between.

It’s the ultimate work computer in many ways, always with you, light enough and comfortable enough for real work™. The keyboard shortcuts in iOS have improved massively from iOS 8 to iOS 9 to the point of actually being useful and the split screen view is actually rather nice to use (I never “got” it on a Mac).

So enough about the good things, what about the bad? Well I’m repeating a lot of others with this list, but in many ways that gives me hope that they will be fixed:

And too many more to mention. Along with pro applications (which I would say are in the class of: Omni apps, Microsoft apps, Panic apps), the iPad Pro really shines. Unless you need a good programming IDE or another app is missing, I wouldn’t hesitate in buying it!