Leopard - Worth the wait?

If you haven’t heard of Apple’s latest Operating system, have a look at Wikipedia Article on Mac OS X Leopard. Here are some of the features:

While some seem to be not impressed by Leopard, it is by all accounts an OS upgrade, with every major application recieving attention. To me I am overjoyed the finder is getting a revamp, though I am not certain following iTunes layout is such a good idea. I think this is Steve Jobs (CEO. Apple Inc) idea to “switch” windows people since they already use iTunes, although I am not sure it is the right path. I choose Mac OS X because its unique, it has a fresh take on how a user interacts with a computer, moreso than Linux (which adopts tried and true in the case of Gnome and KDE), and certainly Windows which has only tweaked the look since Windows 95: its the same concept. The fanning out of dock icons, and grouping them won’t be used by the vast majority of users: its the same reason they don’t use “smart” folders: its a feature that has little in the way of wide appeal. I know the same can be said of the dashboard, and I personally will most likely end up buying and using fanning out and collections in Leopard, but my experience of novices is that they are afraid of the unknown.

Perhaps why I wrote this is that I don’t understand what people really expected from Apple. Comments such as “everything in Leopard has been done before”, well I think this statement is true of every consumer Operating System: things (generally) don’t get tried out on novice users. So back to my question: is it worth the wait? Look at the above list and decide for yourself. I feel Tiger is good enough (then again Technology never stays still, Bill Gates “128K RAM is good enough for anyone should tell us that), and I predict Leopard will face adoption like Windows does: Tech buffs will buy the boxed retail version (I include myself in this), while everybody else will get it through a new computer purchase.