Love letter to IRMA's Solicitor

I have sent a poignant email to IRMA’s solicitor based on their letter of attack on the ISP’s. If you think any of the language is too harsh by me; please have a look at a sample of the threat letter this solicitor sent out here. This is a legal firm who were suing individuals for thousands of euro; which I would hazard a guess most couldn’t pay. So in my eyes this is a form of legal terrorism; and a joke letter to give this solicitor a heads up that there are people out there like me who read and know the tactics of the Irish Music Rights Organisation; and the parent companies like IFPI, RIAA and the Anit-Piracy Bureau they spring from…. It is my opinion that nothing short of punishment (jail time) for frivolous threat letters should be carried out, plus damages (x10 like they do in their cases) to individuals and companies wrongly stressed out by this. I will compile a blog post of all the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) that IRMA has spread soon; and a rebuttal of why their actions may even increase piracy. One thing is for sure; my analysis will be a whole lot cheaper (free) and probably more accurate!

Note: I have taken out names, but the legal firm and the acting solicitor can be examined in the letter above ^

Dear [Solicitor for IRMA’s name],

It is my position that you are morally bankrupt through your actions via IRMA vs. ISP’s. If you need independent advice on how this technology works (I am in Computer Science; but I can explain things slowly; so who knows?) I would be most delighted to help. Please note my hourly rate is at least twice yours; but I’m worth it!

I look forward to hearing from you in 7 days; lest I contact a credit agency for non-payment. As this email constitutes services rendered by me. But I am willing to trade for legal advice on disbarment of a solicitors firm I know which abuses the law; only because I am a reasonable person!

Kindest Regards & Love,
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PS: This is intended as Humour… only slightly…(joke!). I will publish any response you make on the Internet; so keep this in mind; if you don’t wish it so; don’t respond.

Rest assured I will publish any response; but I don’t expect one….