Million Dollars, Nice!

A student in England has almost reached his target of one million dollars, and he is only 21! He came up with the idea after jotting down ideas before he went to bed on how to become a millionaire before he went to university. Then he came up with the million-dollar idea, sell pixels at USD $1 a piece on his homepage, . This man is Alex Tew, hailed as an advertising genius by the many companies who are using his site to make Internet history.

Alex believes he can make his goal by the end of 31st December 2005. In fact as of writing this, he has already made USD 936,700. The student says advertisers get to keep their ads for a period of five years from purchase and he says he will use the money he has made to guarantee it. Alex has said he has already got numerous job offers from companies aiming to secure his money making talent.Alex is doing business management course at Nottingham and needed GBP7000 a year to complete his studies. He is understandably overwhelmed by the success he has achieved:

It is just nuts. I am in a state of disbelief. It’s like Monopoly money but then I look at my bank account and there is a lot of cash in it. The method is simple, his website is made up of one page divided into 10,000 boxes, each 100 pixels in size. Companies can buy one or more boxes for USD $100 each and cover it with a logo, which, when clicked on, transports web users to the customers own site.

The figures add up with the site now carrying over 240 advertisements and has 30,000 hits a day. Even the actor Jack Black, star of School of Rock and Shallow Hal, is using the site to advertise his band Tenacious D. The British National Union of Students say 90% of students are in debt.

But the only money worries Alex now has is what to spend it all on. He has already splashed out on a black mini for himself, as he thinks of what to do with his new found fortune.