My Plan to Digitise my past, for the future

I am embarking on a journey I believe everyone should: digitise as much photo, video and documents you can. It serves as a record of your existance, a guide to people of what your life was like. Why? is the most obvious question you might ask. Well I will tell you what prompted me, which is the culmination of a lot of different things.

This brings me to the first reason: Television. I find shows fascinating where people discover their ancestors were orphans, incredibly wealthy or died from exhaustion in a mine. It really makes you think what makes you the person you are, so to speak. David Attenborough says (although I have paraphrased) that if people look back at his 100-150 hours of television, they will get a snapshot of what the glaciers, mountains, desert and animals were like in the latter half of the twentieth century, not a complete picture, but one nonetheless of what Earth was like at that time.

If not for other people, do it for yourself is another reason. Memories are their to cherish and recall. As I try to quantify the future I feel that if I have any childeren, it will be incredibly weird they have been missing a whole segment of my life. But no better time has existed to preserve these memories, in an age where digital devices are commonplace and cheap. They also are disposable though, so I will have to be careful to keep my data in a medium that can be read, a challenge in itself. But I believe I am up to it, and I hope to have every photo, video and document I have in a digital format sometime in the near future.