My Top Chrome Extensions

Below I present some very useful extensions I use while using Google Chrome, in no particular order.


image KB SSL Enforcer

image Vanilla

image Bookmark Sentry

image Site to Phone

image Webpage Screenshot


Google SSL Web Search

About:Flags (Chrome Beta only for now
Most people won’t know about Chrome’s about:flags (open a new tab, enter about:flags, hit enter), similiar to Firefox’s about:config and possibly just as dangerous, it presents “under the hood” options normal users wouldn’t need to touch. Some of them are very cool to use and will no doubt cement Chrome’s market share gains. Here’s my favourites:

Tab Overview: Enables Expose like Mac OS X interfaces for swapping between tabs, very cool1

Disable outdated plug-ins: Disables plugins if Chrome knows about security problems with your old version of the plugin. Not only that but offers to update.

XSS Auditor: Adds protection from Webkit to prevent sites trying to steal information you have on the other (crazy non-real-world example would be Yahoo! trying to get Google login info) Replace Google with any site and Yahoo! with a nefarious one.

Instant: Like Google instant web search like I do? You’ll love this that loads webpages as you type. Example is, then erase com and put in ie and you never had to press enter once to visit, like magic!