New Year, Lets Review!

Well another year has passed, so I thought I’d make a short recap of it, and tell you what I am looking forward to in 2006. The year was firmly in the hands of mother nature as we saw in both Pakistan, New Orleans/Gulf of Mexico and the Tsunami’s after effects. International consensus was reached at the G8 as London was being bombed - not by the IRA, but by their new enemies in the middle east. Iran esculated its pressure on the world by resuming its nuclear activities. George W. Bush took office in January, much to the distaste of the Daily Mirror in the UK, who scored their most famous headline, “How Could 59,054,087 People, Be So Dumb?”.

Good Year For…

Bad Year

2005 was a good year for Ireland, as continued growth keeps jobless figures one of the lowest in Europe. What do we have to look forward to in 2006?


Wifi, set to increase ten fold Playstation 3 and Nintendo Revolution due to be released Government Savings Scheme Matures Dublins newest radio station, Phantom FM to come online The End of Big Brother Intel’s new DVD lookalike Computers St. Patricks Day (Again) Dublin Pubs losing money (Yay!) Skype introducing Video Rise of VOIP, killing off Eircom Chewing Gum Tax (dont we need it?) More rises in cost of living Well thats what 2006 may hold, so lets hope some of the better things come true! It’s gonna be another great year for technology and gadgets, with more MP3’s predicted to be sold in 2006 than ever before, lets just hope Time Magazine doesn’t give iPod gadget of the century this year!