• What's in your dock?

    I recently read an article that posed the question “Does your dock reflect your priorities?” - which is an interesting question. Further breaking that idea down leads to:

  • Programming is hard

    A great essay on why programming is hard:

  • Notepad++: A Great Windows Editor

    I spend a lot of my day in heavy development tools such as Eclipse1, but often for editing simple XML I just want a quick tool to make fast changes. If I use the CLI (or Linux) it’ll be Vim, if I’m on Mac it’ll be Textmate but on Windows it’s Notepad++. I haven’t found an editor on Windows as clean as Notepad++ (if you use a tool professionally, you get to know it’s quirks pretty fast) for editing text of any kind.

    1. Eclipse is an IDE primarily for programming in the Java programming language (which is what I use). 

  • Record your terminal session

    As I’ve mentioned before1, I regularly watch technology podcasts and I’ve had a subscription to sites like Between those and Youtube, I’ve watched an awful lot of technology how-to videos and 90% of them are quite poor in terms of editing, sound and being coherent/properly scripted. Sometimes though it’s a joy to genuinely learn something new in a short, concise and to the point video.

  • Ikea in the TV Business?

    Ikea the TV Business? Who would have forseen the day. After looking at their video I must say I can see the reasons quite clearly: TV’s look awkward in almost everyones home. They don’t fit in our units, the cables are in awkward positions and you can never find the remote1. I’m a fan of all things cheap and Ikea I must confess, so I’ll be watching this development with great interest!

    Article: Ikea furniture with integrated TVs and sound systems coming this fall

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