• Very Simple Java Twitter Bot (Twitter4J)

    Below is code for the start of a Twitter bot I am going to build in Java. It’s the most basic way of getting Oauth working (with any account, not just your developer account) and it shows your timeline and can update your status - that’s it for now. The neat thing is it uses Java’s awesome serialisation, so you only should have to authorise your twitter account once!

  • Irish SOPA Law: An Overview

    Irish SOPA Illustration

  • Is 4K the new 3D? - The Networked Society Blog

    I’d love to own a 4K screen, the more lifelike the images the better it’ll be for movies. I’d imagine filesizes are 4x as large as HD also, which will be an issue that might kill off optical storage (and require better broadband). It’s a shame the author tried to compare it to 3D (which objectively is still a flop) but he mentions the issues in that technology (namely: field of vision).

  • Nuke support in UK hits record high

    If only we had such sense here in Ireland, we can’t meet our commitments and it will hurt the economy in the long run not to go nuclear. The ESB has said “sometime in the 2030’s we will need to look at it” - why not look at it now? These projects take 10-15 years at least to implement properly.

  • Why Are Android Smartphones Bigger Than the iPhone?

    tl;dr It’s because LTE chipsets are very large and power hungry right now.

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