• Review of the Motorola Xoom Wifi

    I recently bought the wifi version of the Motorola Xoom. I did not get the 3G version to keep costs down (no second carrier subscription in addition to smartphone I own). Here’s my review, let it be noted I’ve been an iOS user since version 2 (iPhone 3G) and although I have used devices from Android 1.6 and up - I’ve never ‘lived’ with them.

  • Plantronics .655 USB Headset Review

    I got a Plantronics .655 USB Headset mainly for the ability to do VOIP well. Those of you who come here often know I reviewed Sennheiser HD595 before, which is a headset built for the quality of reproduction (I use that one for music).

  • Tech Video Podcasts Worth Watching

    I try to listen to as many podcasts (netcasts?) as I can. They fall in to two categories: Irish radio and technology. Luckily, there is so much competition in this space it’s hard to pick the best - so quality is high!

  • The Paradox of Choice

    From one of the best TED talks I’ve seen:

  • Accidental Sea - When Humans Disappear


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