• Output Percentage of File (Bash code)

    I wrote this script recently for a friend in a job who needed to output a certain percentage of a log file, but no more and no less. This was in Linux using bash, so I had a go at writing a solution, which you see below. Posting this up in case it’s useful to anyone else!

  • Blogging like a H4x0r

    Apologies to those visiting my site recently because:

  • My Top Chrome Extensions

    Below I present some very useful extensions I use while using Google Chrome, in no particular order.


    • Blocks ads just like Firefox extension and makes the web less junky to look at. You can whitelist good ads, and an argument could be had your harming websites revenue stream, but a lot of nasty tricks such as spyware, malware have used ads as a vector to spread. Not least the dishonesty some sites use in splitting up articles in to 10 pages to pump ad revenue.

    image KB SSL Enforcer

    • If you don’t know what https or ssl means don’t worry. All it is encrypted webpages which protect your information between you and that website. Commonly used in banking online, it is now spreading to sites like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and the like as a more secure way to protect your information. This extension turns it on without you even noticing!

    image Vanilla

    • not that nice flavour of ice-cream! - A Cookie Whitelist Manager that helps protect your privacy. Automatically removes unwanted cookies.What are cookies? Little text files that website use to remember who you are. It’s okay if you have an account and log in, but the trouble arises when nefarious people use it to track which sites you visit.

    image Bookmark Sentry

    • A bookmark scanner that checks for duplicate and bad links. I imported 100’s of bookmarks from firefox collected over about 4/5 years at least. Websites change, move content, you can accidentally bookmark a website twice. This helps get your bookmarks working for you and being useful again!

    image Site to Phone

    • sends links from your browser to your phone or tablet - be it Android, Nokia, or Apple iOS device. You bookmark a page on your mobile device and install this nifty extension in Chrome, when you click the button, next time you open that page on your mobile deivce, it will open it automatically.

    image Webpage Screenshot

    • does what it says on the tin, but can take a screenshot of the whole page of a website, no nasty scrolling and trying to stitch to halves of a screenshot together, works like magic!


    Google SSL Web Search

    • protects your web searches from prying eyes. Can use an option in Chrome or be set as the main search engine.

    About:Flags (Chrome Beta only for now
    Most people won’t know about Chrome’s about:flags (open a new tab, enter about:flags, hit enter), similiar to Firefox’s about:config and possibly just as dangerous, it presents “under the hood” options normal users wouldn’t need to touch. Some of them are very cool to use and will no doubt cement Chrome’s market share gains. Here’s my favourites:

    Tab Overview: Enables Expose like Mac OS X interfaces for swapping between tabs, very cool1

    Disable outdated plug-ins: Disables plugins if Chrome knows about security problems with your old version of the plugin. Not only that but offers to update.

    XSS Auditor: Adds protection from Webkit to prevent sites trying to steal information you have on the other (crazy non-real-world example would be Yahoo! trying to get Google login info) Replace Google with any site and Yahoo! with a nefarious one.

    Instant: Like Google instant web search like I do? You’ll love this that loads webpages as you type. Example is, then erase com and put in ie and you never had to press enter once to visit, like magic!

  • First Video Blog!

    Below is my first attempt at video blogging. If I get used to it it may be easier to explain my point of view or give reviews! I have liked hiding behind words up until this point, so this is a new venture with my iPhone 4.

    imageYouTube Video

  • iPad Evolution?

    Since Apple released an iPad there have been various competitors announced, so it got me thinking what would it take for me to buy one? I haven’t bought the first generation iPad because the lack of a camera on a device so obviously good for fullscreen video calls has baffled me. I guess they have to store up some ideas since they need a new hardware iteration every year, Apple’s revenue model depends on that vital hardware refresh cycle.

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