• Domo Arigato, Mr.Roboto

    Seriously: what an awesome song. Every Geek should love it! It’s got the famous line “My heart is human, my blood is boiling, my brain IBM”. If this is not in every Geeks top ten songs; then I resign! I even listen to it as I type this! Anyways enough sounding like a DJ who just got his Payola check off the RIAA; I’ll just post the free video so y’all can watch…. :

    Barenaked Ladies also do a cover of it interspersed with their own song (King Of Bedside Manner):

  • Hurling - Four in a row?

    One cannot help but be amazed at Kilkenny; true masters of the Irish Gaelic Sport of hurling. I mean as my previous posts mention I have moved to Kilkenny; and rural South Kilkenny at that. They live and breath Hurling down here: it’s literally a way of life. That is why they are so good; no mystery here folks: its is literally bred into children in schools and everyone plays it. More people playing means even though Kilkenny is only around 100,000 people it still has a large amount of people to pick from and they get the best training which equals the best results.

  • Geek Thug - "I Had to Beat Up a Girl"

    I just read one of the most informative and insightful blog posts of my entire life. Half serious a guy takes a look back at when he had to beat up a Girl. Weird stuff!

    Yes, you read that right, I had to beat up a girl … not a woman. She was asking for it and she deserved it.

    I Had to Beat Up a Girl

  • Yamaha YQ Aerox - best moped ever?

    Well I think so! Got one there 2 months ago and forgot to write a blog post about it. I got a ‘01 model for a bargain price I believe; but this theory has yet to be tested (I’ll wait for a year to be up). As I mentioned before in previous posts my parent’s house is now in a remote location with no train/buses anywhere nearby. So transport was essential! At this time also there was a major crack down on learner drivers not being accompanied by a fully licensed driver (of two years). So by the time I’d saved the money for the car; got 10 lessons and convinced anyone I knew with over two years full driving experience to accompany me; even to work - was just to much hassle - hence the moped which has no such onerous requirements. In fact only one it does really have is that you can’t have passengers - I won’t be carrying anyone anyways - so I am not too bothered. Anyhoo take a look at the photos I took when I got it. I have done it up since then: new tyres, resprayed exhaust, full service; new mirrors; repaired exhaust; flushed out radiator and put in proper coolant just to name a few. So it sounds allot better and drives better than ever!

  • Wordpress 2.6

    Open Source star of the blogging world…

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