• Gmail Video Chat

    image I am an avid Gmail user through Google Apps. I use the calender, chat, code, sites, pages, docs the whole lot. One of my friends even jokes “You should just work at Google Marketing”. Yes I like most of Google’s products; but I am a products guy; I use whats good, cheap and fast (pick two). Google has the cheap down due to ad-revenue; for the moment anyways in the current financial turmoil.

    So I was delighted when I seen Gmail Video and Voice released. I have used it on my computer and I can say thats its really good: better than SIP video; better than Skype on the quality front. Google Talk has always had the clearest voice calling from my usage of it vs. the others.

    My family use Gmail; I have converted almost everyone I know to use it. Most of my Computer Science class have it (some just use the student hotmail); so I will really use this feature. There are a few problems however:

    • Google Talk itself has no video; a curious decision
    • It is not encrypted like Skype; there should be an option
    • No Linux client: Unbelievable when Mac OS X is supported!
    • Not compatible with Nokia Internet Tablets; an early testbed for Google Talk Video
    • Open Standards but not Open Source: patent issues with licensed video codecs

  • Innovation Right Here - Dept. of Education is Wrong

    I usually get both of Ireland’s daily national papers to my email inbox every morning. I think it’s very important to catch up on the latest news; as I think you are more informed and have conversation pieces to talk to people (for those awkward silences where “Ye the weather is terrible” just won’t do). So I was highly informed when I read this piece: DCU head hits out at ‘out-of-date’ O’Keeffe.

    “There is a tension between the traditional expectation that universities will primarily teach students, and the more recent requirement for universities to underpin economic development and attract corporate research and development into Ireland . . . not to mention the role of universities as agencies of cultural regeneration and of tackling disadvantage and structural poverty,” said Prof von Prondzynski.

  • Domo Arigato, Mr.Roboto

    Seriously: what an awesome song. Every Geek should love it! It’s got the famous line “My heart is human, my blood is boiling, my brain IBM”. If this is not in every Geeks top ten songs; then I resign! I even listen to it as I type this! Anyways enough sounding like a DJ who just got his Payola check off the RIAA; I’ll just post the free video so y’all can watch…. :

    Barenaked Ladies also do a cover of it interspersed with their own song (King Of Bedside Manner):

  • Hurling - Four in a row?

    One cannot help but be amazed at Kilkenny; true masters of the Irish Gaelic Sport of hurling. I mean as my previous posts mention I have moved to Kilkenny; and rural South Kilkenny at that. They live and breath Hurling down here: it’s literally a way of life. That is why they are so good; no mystery here folks: its is literally bred into children in schools and everyone plays it. More people playing means even though Kilkenny is only around 100,000 people it still has a large amount of people to pick from and they get the best training which equals the best results.

  • Geek Thug - "I Had to Beat Up a Girl"

    I just read one of the most informative and insightful blog posts of my entire life. Half serious a guy takes a look back at when he had to beat up a Girl. Weird stuff!

    Yes, you read that right, I had to beat up a girl … not a woman. She was asking for it and she deserved it.

    I Had to Beat Up a Girl

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