• Review of the Official Ubuntu Book, Second Edition (2007)

    imageThe Ubuntu Book (2nd Edition) is a nicely put together book for dealing with the Linux operating system in a number of clearly laid out and well presented chapters. Chapters are as follows:

    1. Introducing Ubuntu
    2. Installing Ubuntu
    3. Using Ubuntu on the Desktop
    4. Advanced Usage and Managing Ubuntu
    5. Ubuntu Server
    6. Support / Typical Problems
    7. Using Kubuntu
    8. Ubuntu Community
    9. Ubuntu-Related Projects
    10. Using Edubuntu

  • Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown

    imageI have got a place in a 4 year Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing, or more commonly known as Computer Science (or comp sci as I am lazy and like to abbreviate). This means I might be blogging slightly less sometimes, but it should be a hell of a lot more interesting and I promise to keep my posts not too technical as I have up to this point.

    I would like to thank you all for subscribing and I hope you’ll enjoy what is to come in the future!!

    Many Thanks,
    Duey Finster sole author/blogger/all-round-technophile

    from my house then its a bus)

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  • Microsoft settles with Eolas over Internet Explorer

    Microsoft has settled with Eolas over a number of patents regarding browser plugins which chicago based Eolas filed patents for in 1998. A jury in Chicago then found Microsoft guilty of infringing on Eolas’ patents and was told to pay $521m US Dollars in ‘damages’. That ruling was overturned and a fresh trial ordered which was due to start very soon, but it seems Microsoft has decided to pay out:

    imageDetails of the settlement have not yet been released but Eolas Technologies’ chief operating officer, Mark Swords, told the New York Times that a certain number of Eolas’ shareholders would get US$60 to US$72 per share.

  • Gutsy coming along, Update to Dell Windows Refund..

    I just tried Herd 5 of Gutsy Gibbon, a beta release which will be Ubuntu 07.10 released in October. Obviously it is still early stages and a lot of things aren’t working quite as they should, but it looks very promising. Here’s some new stuff which should hit the final release:

    • Compiz Fusion - Pretty Graphics that leave you in awe…
    • Bullet Proof X - Making sure you’ll never see a terminal prompt not of your own choosing, basically the graphics server should be ‘bulletproof’
    • Appearance Manager - Making it easier to change yourbuntu’s look and feel
    • Better Driver Support - More of those restricted drivers to make sure you can see your screen and use your wifi card
    • Simplified Codecs install - It will now be painless, install ubuntu-restrictedcodecs (or kubuntu-restricted codecs) and you can see Youtube in all its glory, play a dvd, watch that porno WMV file (just kidding but I think thats all WMV is used for) and other such niceties of the propreitry world we have to put up with
    • Firefox Codecs Plugin - Firefox will be hooked up to the package manager and prompt to install Flash/Java if you haven’t got it already, much the same way it prompts to get a codec when you throw a file at it that it cannot play in the movie player. The free software Gnash replacement for Flash will come as standard and can play Youtube Vids.
    • Dual Screen Glory - If your like me you have a nice and small portable laptop, but that screen just won’t do all of the time, thats why I personally have a 19” to plug my 13” MacBook into. With Gutsy I should be able to plug and play over DVI.

  • Dell refunds me for Windows!

    As many of you know I am a Linux and Mac aficionado. For my Linux machines, all of them are Dell. I have been always pleased with Dells prices, how their machines work with Linux, their customer service and the fact they are made in Limerick, Ireland (I am from Ireland). I politely emailed Dell (well got up on my high horse), heres my first mail:

    I would like a refund of Windows XP since I am installing Ubuntu Linux on the computer when I get it. When I turn on the computer I am going to decline the EULA, and I am within my rights to request this refund (as part of Irish consumer laws). This also applies in Britian, see here: ( )

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