• IEDR too stringent? Sorry about my email!

    We all want to stop spam and phishing domains, it hurts the Internet and confidence in it. Their is a lot of debate on this issue, even from the registrars. But I believe, as I know there are probably many out their like me, that the Irish Domain Registry have taken this one step too far. One only has to look to Slashdot to see what the rest of the world thinks about our backwards, censorship-driven domain registry. My favourite rule they have about domains is perhaps the one which requires the least amount of bureaucracy:

    Personal names must consist of the initial letter from each of two or more of the words which comprise the legal personal name of the applicant, in the order in which these words occur in the name, followed by any two digits to be requested by the applicant. As an example, John Citizen could register

  • Wiki goes live, downtime and Macbook Back!

    I have a Wiki for messing about! I haven’t found a purpose for itDuey
Finsters Logo yet, but I’d like to have it all set up incase one day I turn out to need it (maybe for collaboration or something?). If you have any skill at themin’ MediaWiki (the most popular wiki software, run but Wikipedia, no less) please, please get in touch! I would do it all myself, but my time is constrained at the moment, but I will eventually do it myself I suppose ;-)

    Some of you may have noticed downtime lately, that’s because of the domains add-on is a shambles, at least for dot-eu anyhoo. Support tried to be helpful, and to be fair it was a new feature, but I wasted $10 (about €7.50) for nothing, as I couldn’t use with it. Half of it was perhaps my fault, as I couldn’t use MX records (for redirecting mail requests) to my GFYD so I tried to add more nameservers, having the first pointing at and the rest pointing at Google. Needless to say after to-ing and fro-ing I decided to keep my self hosted solution, as it offers total control (such as my own template, javascript, etc.). That is why the site was down, it kept resolving at different locations :-( I got the Macbook back from Mactivate, complete with a new logic board (aka. the PMU I often and painfully referred to in my earlier posts).

  • Broken Macbook Update Part II


  • Macbook Issue Identified

    Turns out my prediction wasn’t quite correct, it was not the Power Management Unit (PMU), it was the heatsink. Mactivate have informed me they have one on order from Apple, so it will take a bit longer than I anticipated to get my Macbook back. I found this strange as I had not experienced random shutdowns like the ones that have been widely reported across the web. it was like I described in my earlier post, something to do with the battery not being able to charge. Then again, I am no expert on this and their is wide evidence (over 1600 people have identified heatsink as a problem in their Macbooks) that the heatsink is a definite issue. Sounds like good or bad I will have a lot more to say about Apple Computer in the future, thats why I have decided to add them as a category.

  • Internet Explorer thanks Firefox, sincerely?

    Reading my favourite tech news site: Slashdot ( /.), I see the Internet Explorer team have sent the Firefox Team a nice cake:

    MS IE Cake for Firefox

    One comment I read said it all really:

    Seems even the IE team knows that IE is dead.

    As for the ex-lax, bugs, pubes in the cake of course none of that is true. Those things would only be possible if someone at Microsoft actually made the cake, and that’s not how MS does things. They knew they couldn’t make a good cake so they just went out and bought a cake from someone who already knew how to make one and then stuck their logo on it and called it theirs.

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