Adventures with React

Recently I’d seen a post on Hacker News about a course for the React JavaScript Framework. I haven’t done much with JavaScript, apart from a course in work, which was focused on the language itself and jQuery. React is a front end framework, which allows you to build reusable components (and generate them with data.) The only real experience I have is writing an application (using Node.js) for my MSc course which was an AJAX application for interacting with Amazon SimpleDB.

Automatically Decline and Delete or Accept and Delete Outlook 2010 Meetings

You can follow the Microsoft TechNet guide to add VisualBasic code in Outlook rules. You can just replace the code they give with this: Sub AutoDeclineMeetings(oRequest As MeetingItem) ' If its not a meeting, we don't process If oRequest.MessageClass <> "IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Request" Then Exit Sub End If ' Get the appointment in the meeting Dim oAppt As AppointmentItem Set oAppt = oRequest.GetAssociatedAppointment(True) ' Send a decline response Dim oResponse Set oResponse = oAppt.

Editorial App

Editorial is an iPhone and iPad plain text editor that’s great for markdown1. It also has some nifty automation workflows, in which you can use Python scripts. These can search the web, scrape data, transform text and much moreā€¦ I pretty much wrote this blog post (and many more) in Editorial. It’s much better then the competition for markdown in particular. Byword is an obvious competitor, which I really can’t recommend (nothing inherently wrong with Byword, just doesn’t suit me).

Go Bag(s)

I follow Casey Liss’ blog and recently he had a great post about a technology “go pack”. Lifehacker has written about this over the years, and the Wirecutter has a great article I shared here on this very blog. Also Casey linked to a great post by Katie Floyd on Twitter: I finally took the hint / inspiration from all these posts, and I decided time was right to put together my own “go bag”.

Services I pay for

In alphabetical order: / - usually buy electronics here! Apple’s App Store - I use iOS & Mac heavily, buy a lot of apps! Dropbox - sync files across computers Evernote - I store a lot of notes here. Fastmail - My email, contacts, calendars Hover - great place for domain names (like this one). Lastpass - excellent password manager Newsblur - Personalized RSS for news junkies Pinboard - stores all my bookmarks (also archives the sites) Trello - I’m planning a holiday via Trello Some of these are referral links, I stand to get extra credit on these services if you use it.

Apple Watch Stand h/t; reddit update: I tried this myself, but I’ve obviously no talent for these things:

Soulver App

My favourite text number crunching app on iOS bar none is Soulver. What makes it the best? Fast to load Simple user interface that gets out of the way Contextual Keyboards (my favourite is the currency keyboard) Can reuse calculations from previous lines (and name calculations). iCloud sync Soulver is great for when a spreadsheet is just to heavy. I use it a lot for it currency conversion, makes it easy to have multiple line items in different currencies (say GBP & USD) and get a total in one (EUR).

Drafts App

My favourite text capture app on iOS bar none is Drafts by Agile Tortoise. What makes it the best? No fluff, loads fast Simple user interface that gets out of the way Extensible actions (which you can add to from their directory) iCloud sync I’ve tried a lot of other apps like Byword (Not worth the money I think), Apples’ built-in Notes app, Textastic and so on. None felt as efficient or as flexible as Drafts.

De'Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 Bean to Cup

I’ve had this DeLonghi machine for a year and a half now, and I possibly am slightly a little in love. It was the best rated coffee machine (at time of purchase) on Amazon and it doesn’t dissapoint. For the purpose, it’s wonderful: Make great coffee fast, without a mess. If you’re looking for more, I would have a look at the more expensive models. When I shopped around at the time, I read that the internals of this machine are just as good as the ones that DeLonghi sells that are twice as expensive.

Mac Mini Server

I recently purchased a Mac Mini Server, for this site to run on. It’s hosted on my home broadband connection, but it’s just really for small time side-projects like this site. Also it’s a way to play around with Docker, VirtualBox, Node.js and all those other fun technologies I don’t get time for. I don’t really plan to post links, but maybe I’ll review things or cover things I’ve bought.

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