• Questions, Hosting and IT 2006!

    I recently found a great documentary, about 9/11, entitled Loose Change 9/11][]. It is easily the most powerful about the event, much more so than Fahrenheit 9/11. In fact I would even argue, that if this documentary had of aired during the U.S. presedential election, I would have bet on a different result. Backed up by trusted resources such as the BBC which confirmed at least 8 of the 19 highjackers are alive and well. Filled with outrageous facts, it sets the scene for either a highly competent Bush regime that new what it was doing, or the worst domestic tragedy that happend under maladministration. Either way the American people have serious questions to ask, which I hope in time will get the aired in time. Maybe George W. is taking a leaf out of Charlie Haugheys book? That is that corruption can be a force for the good of the public, and my rich friends?

    Also I would like to unreservedly apologize that this site has been down for so long. The thing is my ex-hosting provider, which I won’t even honor with a link, was an incompetent mess. I have now moved to an Irish company,, which gives me freephone support all for a little extra money. Also their premises is in Dublin, which means I can call in at any time and I get the protection of Irish Law (even though we know its a mess [e.g. Mr.A child abuser being set free], I still think we have an alright civil liberties protection, even though I know nothing about law, so I am most likely misguided, anyhoo!) of course not without paying the 21% VAT, which needs to be lowered might I add.

  • FON, New Job and Commuting!

    I regularly read other Irish blogs to see whats happening and whats the latest tech thing amongst others. It seems that may have come to fruition, with FON, a community wifi project, sending me out a free router!! I am exicted about this, as I hope to convince all my neighbours eventually to get it, and maybe who knows, I may even achieve the biggest fon hotspot, if I take my campaign estate wide, to neighbours all around! I want to “eat my own dog food” as they say, so I will wait until I have recieved and used my router before I recommend it to non-technical people. I have read of long delays on FON’s forums, so I expect iot should be here within two to three weeks, maybe a little longer. Also it comes with a european plug, not a Irish/British one, which is a bit of a disappointment that I will have to root out the screwdriver to make it fit!!!

  • Nuclear or Nothing?

    Nuclear Shelter

  • Best Radio Podcasts

    Even while podcasts are relatively new (well a couple of years - like blogs), Irish Radio Stations are surprisingly well in on the act. Even our incumbent state broadcaster, RTE, is podcasting en-masse on both RTE Radio 1 and RTE 2FM. To recieve podcasts, you need podcasting software, start by getting Juice Reciever(Formerly iPodder), available for Linux, BSD, MAC and Windows. I will start with my top 5 Irish Radio podcasts:

  • Spam, will it ever stop?

    CAN Spam

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