Math can help you outsmart the MTA

I heard a behavioural economist on the radio this morning, he was talking about rising house prices in Dublin and the tricks the industry uses to get you to overpay. Turns out you can mitigate these tricks with a bit of knowledge, as this proves: But now, with some simple math, you can fight back! First, let’s see how the MTA tricks you out of your money earlier than you might want to release it to them.

Bell Curve is Wrong

Interesting study here: apparently performance of people in a company is never related to a bell curve, but is more like a ski slope. So the majority of people are carried by the few in terms of performance. What I really want to know is pay for these people like a ski slope? Cause I bet it ain’t.

iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Interesting announcements yesterday by Apple, finally releasing an iWatch. A lot of the talk on tech sites was reminiscent of the famous CMDR Taco (of Slashdot) line: “Less space then a nomad. Lame.” I happened to own a Nomad shortly after that famous quote was made. So we can see, quoting Steve Jobs “[They] have no taste” is applicable to me! I just don’t get the watch yet. As a permanent contact wearer, I’m waiting for Google Glass in a contact lens!

CSThesis: Create Professional looking thesis

As part of my undergradute thesis, I found a template (for LyX) to ease the pain of formatting a thesis in LaTeX. Making it look just right to me was very important. If your are writing a thesis, perhaps you feel the same way? If so, read on… While doing my first undergraduate thesis in Computer Science, I found a template used for a Computer Science thesis in NUI Maynooth (a university in Ireland).

Why GNU Grep is fast

Worth a read for those wishing to optimise programs that process a lot of data. It proves that less really is more… Money quote: The key to making programs fast is to make them do practically nothing.

Fish Shell for Ubuntu and OS X

A great guide to get up to speed with Fish shell. What is Fish? It’s a shell written from the ground up to be more easily understandable the the traditional shells (bash, tcsh). I don’t know yet if I’ll switch (anything you can do in Fish can be made to work in Bash). It’s an interesting concept and I’ll try it for a while…

MSc in Computer Science at UCD

I’ve recently decided to further my education by applying for a Masters in Computer Science at University College Dublin. It’s very different from a traditional masters course in that it is very much focused on industry, the term the University uses is “Negotiated Learning”. It was a colleague of mine that introduced me to it, I was not even aware that there was what I would call ‘non-strict masters’ (that is not a set-in-stone syllabus/research direction).

Quickly navigate your filesystem

The article is a great tip for those who spend a good chunk of the working day on the command line. I made some adjustments to Bash completion code to get it to work on Mac OS X: Original: _completemarks() { local curw=${COMP_WORDS[COMP_CWORD]} local wordlist=$(find $MARKPATH -type l -printf "%f\n") COMPREPLY=($(compgen -W '${wordlist[@]}' -- "$curw")) return 0 } complete -F _completemarks jump unmark My modified version (tested on Mac OS X and Ubuntu):

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