• Editorial App

    Editorial is an iPhone and iPad plain text editor that’s great for markdown1. It also has some nifty automation workflows, in which you can use Python scripts. These can search the web, scrape data, transform text and much more…

    1. Markdown is a lightweight markup format, created by John Gruber of Daring Fireball. 

  • Go Bag(s)

    I follow Casey Liss’ blog and recently he had a great post about a technology “go pack”. Lifehacker has written about this over the years, and the Wirecutter has a great article I shared here on this very blog. Also Casey linked to a great post by Katie Floyd on Twitter:

  • Services I pay for

    In alphabetical order:

    • / - usually buy electronics here!
    • Apple’s App Store - I use iOS & Mac heavily, buy a lot of apps!
    • Dropbox - sync files across computers
    • Evernote - I store a lot of notes here.
    • Fastmail - My email, contacts, calendars
    • Hover - great place for domain names (like this one).
    • Lastpass - excellent password manager
    • Newsblur - Personalized RSS for news junkies
    • Pinboard - stores all my bookmarks (also archives the sites)
    • Trello - I’m planning a holiday via Trello

  • Apple Watch Stand

  • Soulver App

    My favourite text number crunching app on iOS bar none is Soulver. What makes it the best?

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