• Going on Holidays? Check these Gadgets

    I’m a big Wirecutter fan and they don’t disappoint with this travel guide.

  • Math can help you outsmart the MTA

    I heard a behavioural economist on the radio this morning, he was talking about rising house prices in Dublin and the tricks the industry uses to get you to overpay. Turns out you can mitigate these tricks with a bit of knowledge, as this proves:

  • Bell Curve is Wrong

    Interesting study here: apparently performance of people in a company is never related to a bell curve, but is more like a ski slope. So the majority of people are carried by the few in terms of performance. What I really want to know is pay for these people like a ski slope? Cause I bet it ain’t.

  • iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

    Interesting announcements yesterday by Apple, finally releasing an iWatch. A lot of the talk on tech sites was reminiscent of the famous CMDR Taco (of Slashdot) line: “Less space then a nomad. Lame.”

  • Full Stack Web Application with Node.js Tutorial

    I’ve followed this tutorial personally, not using Mongo as the database at first. It’s clear and to the point and provides just what you need to know to get started. Highly recommended.

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