Questions, Hosting and IT 2006!

I recently found a great documentary, about 9/11, entitled Loose Change 9/11][]. It is easily the most powerful about the event, much more so than Fahrenheit 9/11. In fact I would even argue, that if this documentary had of aired during the U.S. presedential election, I would have bet on a different result. Backed up by trusted resources such as the BBC which confirmed at least 8 of the 19 highjackers are alive and well. Filled with outrageous facts, it sets the scene for either a highly competent Bush regime that new what it was doing, or the worst domestic tragedy that happend under maladministration. Either way the American people have serious questions to ask, which I hope in time will get the aired in time. Maybe George W. is taking a leaf out of Charlie Haugheys book? That is that corruption can be a force for the good of the public, and my rich friends?

Also I would like to unreservedly apologize that this site has been down for so long. The thing is my ex-hosting provider, which I won’t even honor with a link, was an incompetent mess. I have now moved to an Irish company,, which gives me freephone support all for a little extra money. Also their premises is in Dublin, which means I can call in at any time and I get the protection of Irish Law (even though we know its a mess [e.g. Mr.A child abuser being set free], I still think we have an alright civil liberties protection, even though I know nothing about law, so I am most likely misguided, anyhoo!) of course not without paying the 21% VAT, which needs to be lowered might I add.

This isn’t my usual tech babble I know, but I’ll end this post with the news that I am BETA testing the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet Edition 2006 []. It rocks so hard, I can’t even begin to say… First of theirs GoogleTalk built in, with support for SIP (might be from Gizmo). Notwithstanding that, their are cool native applications such as MaemoPad Plus [Sketch/Notes] and MaemoMapper [GPS+ Google Maps]. Somehow they have squeezed more battery life out of this gadget, and now you can create a swap on the memory card, meaning its, I’d say (pure speculation, obviously) 80% more efficient. Warning to people who actually use the 770 for important stuff, don’t upgrade until Nokia has released it, as it is very buggy, with applications crashing [somewhat] alot. Wait until all of us in the know, report those pesky bugs! But a real geek can see through the flaws and see the Nokia 770 for what it is, a truly cool Internet tool.