Software Engineering Job

I had been applying for jobs since I started my last year in college and I am delighted to say even before I completed my final year, I have gained full time employment. I would say it is luck, but my family thinks it’s down to a lot of hard work and good grades! Either way, it’s a great feeling in probably the most competitive jobs market (for potential employees) in years.

The job is Software Engineering on the Java-based Cellular network control technology which Ericsson specialises in. I have obviously signed an NDA (and will honour it) and at this point it goes without saying all the viewpoints from this website are entirely my own and nothing to do with Ericsson in any way.

I’ll still blog about technology, but I am looking forward on taking on a mobile industry slant, not necessarily about Ericsson. My final year project and thesis were all about the mobile software arena, so the mesh was perfect and I have a big interest in the technology.

It’s very hard to believe this blog is 7 years in existence already! I have begun a process of cleaning up old posts (marking links as broken etc). Reading over old posts from secondary school to all the way through college and on to full time employment is a wonderful journey and I hope to mark the 10 year anniversary in 2014 with many posts about the mobile industry, just as I have through college.

Here’s to many more years! ;-)