Spam, will it ever stop?

CAN Spam

Spam has become a fact of life nowadays, but is their anything we can do to stop it? The answers boils down to no, we can’t. If we make it illegal, the spamsters move abroad or go underground, as we have seen in the United States. People have been prosecuted, but again this does not deter people. Spamhaus have a novel idea, by trusting domains on reputation, based on spam reports. But this has one fatal flaw, it involves people reporting spam.

The situation is not as bad if you use Gmail, that is Google Mail. For over a year and a half,I got spam, but it was properly sorted and easily deletable. Before that I used Yahoo Mail, which like Hotmail before that, would mark items I wanted as spam, which is never acceptable. I am not saying Gmail is perfect, as I have recieved 3 spam messages into my inbox (thats 3 out of well over 3000 emails, so a tiny percentage, .3). What can we do to deter people from spamming us? I believe awarness is the key. Google, Yahoo and all major web companies should advertise a charity set up to inform people on spam, phising and the like. Have a nice flash guide on how to spot fraudulent behaviour! Why should these companies do this? Because it will save them money, if spammers get the message!