Run Command on SSH Login

Do you need to run a command on SSH login? There are a lot of solutions on the web for this, but most of them are very complex. I stumbled across this easy method of using the authorized_keys file, simply add command="ls -l" (replacing ls -l with something a bit more useful like tmux or screen) in front of the key fingerprint. This also means you can have different commands for different keys if you choose.

Example authorized_keys file:

command="tmux a -t <mysessionname>" ssh-rsa AAAAB3...

A lot of the other solutions you’ll find on the web recommend editing profile, bashrc, ssh_config or some other important shell files - something you should avoid unless absolutely necessary. One more word of advice, make sure the command will always execute sucessfully. If the command fails for any reason (like a Tmux session not existing) your SSH connection will close, since this is the command that will keep it open. That’s fine if you have access to the computer and have a screen attached to fix it, but if you are remote then you will be out of luck.

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