Summer - One Month On.....

Well one month in Summer 2008! Summer has been okay so far; I’ve had nothing much to report hence lack of Tech posts. Sure the iPhone 3G looks good, Google/Yahoo/Microsoft spats interesting but after a while it become a bit circular and repetitive.

I’ve recently started working at the UK’s leading retailer for touring/car/bike and accessories; as well as a move to the south east of Ireland; that much further to the capital: Dublin. It’s Ireland’s smallest city and home to Ireland’s very first Parliament about 400 years ago: Kilkenny. It’s steeped in culture and it’s the only city in Ireland to rival Dublin’s culture, nightlife and restaurants and hold it’s own.

I am trying to acquire a moped (aka. Scooter or Italian ‘ped) to have a run-around to work and back. I am doing it in reverse however as were still moving to our house in the county of Kilkenny (in the city rentig at the moment until it’s ready!). I’ll be getting Scooter first, then license so in other words it will be arseways! Their is always a backlog in summertime as students like me clamour to get driving!! Whoops should have scheduled during the leaving cert (Ireland’s answer to SAT/GCSE)!!

More will follow soon as I complete the move and get the bike; expect a few picture posts dedicated to the bike!!