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Services I pay for

In alphabetical order: Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk - usually buy electronics here! Apple’s App Store - I use iOS & Mac heavily, buy a lot of apps! Dropbox - sync files across computers Evernote - I store a lot of notes here. Fastmail - My email, contacts, calendars Hover - great place for domain names (like this one). Lastpass - excellent password manager Newsblur - Personalized RSS for news junkies Pinboard - stores all my bookmarks (also archives the sites) Trello - I’m planning a holiday via Trello Some of these are referral links, I stand to get extra credit on these services if you use it.

Don't get a Kindle

The headline is misleading - I actually love my Kindle. I have read several books I otherwise would have not read. What I don’t get is why otherwise well-healed and technology literate folk dismiss the Kindle out-of-hand. The most common reason? It’s not dead-tree paper. You can’t hold it. You can’t feel it. Yet the biggest thing they dismiss is me. It’s personal. I have an eye condition which means I wear hard plastic contacts all day long - my eyes get very tired, very easily.