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Ubiquiti Unifi with Sonos on a separate VLAN

Change network settings on Unifi controller Further to getting my Unifi gear last year, I've started to organise the virtual local area networks (VLANs) to increase security. I've created a separate guest wifi network and a separate internet of things (IoT) network. One issue you'll run in to is that a lot of modern devices work by broadcasting their presence on the network and that doesn't work well normally across VLANs.

Ubuntu 20.04 Vagrant with Packer

Ubuntu have recently released the new 20.04 LTS codenamed “Focal Fossa”. I’d also recently seen a tool that piqued my interest, Hashicorp Packer. Packer builds machine images that can be deployed to a cloud or as a virtual machine, or just even a plain disk image. You can even generate many images at once, really simplfying deployment. Very handy if you wanted to create virtual machines for a cluster for example, with a similar but slightly different configuration.

Ubiquiti Home Network

Over the summer, I upgraded my home network to Ubiquiti gear. Ubiquiti do business Wifi, all the way up to covering stadiums. I first heard about them from Troy Hunt and then again from Marco Arment on Accidental Tech Podcast. Ubiquiti are popular in prosumer space - for people serious about good Wifi. So far it’s been an excellent experience and I’d highly recommend it. After setting it up (there is a few moving pieces) it has been running without any intervention from me.

Irish SOPA Law: An Overview

Reflection on 9-11

It’s been 10 years since the anniversary of 9/11 and much of the world has changed a lot in that period. We’ve had full body scanners at airports, marshalls on flights, bombs hidden in toner cartridges and two wars. I reflected on this and remembered two really good articles I’ll share here on the topic. Hopefully we’ve changed for the better. Yesterday I finally wrote something that’s been bothering me for about ten years: The fact that Al Qaeda can’t be as big and bad as it’s made out to be, because its whole design violates every rule of guerrilla organisation.

Thoughts on IPv6

A multitude of websites have been reporting the impending doom of ipv4 exhaustion, which is going to happen soon. All the top level address' will be gone, but the regional registries will still have stocks of address' in to 2011. As a user of ipv6, I thought I could share sone thoughts/insights on the events ahead… Below is a very good video which one of my favourite tech shows, Hak5 made with an IPv6 Consultant, Joe Klein.