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Ubiquiti Unifi with Sonos on a separate VLAN

Update 2023: these instructions are out-of-date for the latest Unifi controller software versions. It's preserved here as written for those who still have older versions. This post uses a file called gateway.config.json and Unifi now say: This article is not applicable to the UniFi Dream Machine models, because all configurations are already available in the UniFi Network user interface. So I take that to mean use of this file is deprecated and it should be possible to do this via the administration webpage.

Irish SOPA Law: An Overview

Reflection on 9-11

It’s been 10 years since the anniversary of 9/11 and much of the world has changed a lot in that period. We’ve had full body scanners at airports, marshalls on flights, bombs hidden in toner cartridges and two wars. I reflected on this and remembered two really good articles I’ll share here on the topic. Hopefully we’ve changed for the better. Yesterday I finally wrote something that’s been bothering me for about ten years: The fact that Al Qaeda can’t be as big and bad as it’s made out to be, because its whole design violates every rule of guerrilla organisation.

Thoughts on IPv6

A multitude of websites have been reporting the impending doom of ipv4 exhaustion, which is going to happen soon. All the top level address’ will be gone, but the regional registries will still have stocks of address’ in to 2011. As a user of ipv6, I thought I could share sone thoughts/insights on the events ahead… Below is a very good video which one of my favourite tech shows, Hak5 made with an IPv6 Consultant, Joe Klein.