Tech Video Podcasts Worth Watching

I try to listen to as many podcasts (netcasts?) as I can. They fall in to two categories: Irish radio and technology. Luckily, there is so much competition in this space it’s hard to pick the best - so quality is high!

  1. Tech News Today (TNT) by the TWiT Network

Regular and fills you right up to the minute with the latest tech news. Can replace RSS of many blogs (HUGE time saver) since lively debate of tech topics is the order of the day.

  1. Floss Weekly by the TWiT Network

I am a big FLOSS advocate and have discovered so many cool and off-the-beat-and-track software projects that exist because of this show. Hosted by Randall Schwartz, he’s an interesting down-to-earth guy who really appreciates and understands his audience

  1. Security Now! by the TWiT Network

Steve Gibson (of Gibson Research) is Bruce Schneier of the tech podcasting arena. His shows are hugely informative and not just security focused (but that is his strength). His episodes on how computers work are a must listen and make complex technical things easy to understand (although as Comp Sci Major I did disagree with some things he said/missed out on!)

  1. HAK5 by the Revision3 Network

Hosted by Darren Kitchen, a truly great sysadmin who is in to and up to all sorts of tricks. Darren has shown me many cool things (I especially like the Linux focused projects). Can’t not mention Shannon Morse, Darren’s girlfriend and author of the best short segment on random (but cool) topics.

  1. Lifehacker by the Revision3 Network

Following on from the best life-hacking site online, this show is literally the video version of all the great tips, tricks and how-to’s from the Lifehacker site. Want to know how bad or good coffee is? How to pack? Best way to move? Where is the best place to live for your health? Lifehacker show has got all the answers to the questions you never thought to ask.