Ubuntu in four years

Last year was me celebrating four years of using the best operating system out there: Linux and the best distro Ubuntu. Ubuntu was my first foray in to Linux; and I haven’t left it since; although I have tried all the other major distros. I started with the first version of Ubuntu; Warthy Warthog:

Warthy Warthog

Warthy had a text only installer and it took me quite a while to not only get used to the idea of this strange operating system; but the fear of leaving Windows-land where all that power usage knowledge would mean nothing. It meant nothing in terms of the registry and other superficial stuff; but the more I used Ubuntu and Linux the more I liked it. In fact in 2005 I ditched my XP installation altogether. I noticed there wasn’t an Irish Ubuntu users group; so I mailed one of the few people (around 5 I guess) that were around Mark Shuttleworth to set it up and get a website going. It was an ill-advised effort since I was too busy with examinations really to take it on; so I gave it up soon after. But it is still going today, people are still involved.


Next came Hoary in 2005 and I was blown away how fast improvements were made; I still couldn’t believe all this could be free… It seemed too good to be true really; I thought if Mark Shuttleworth ever left that would finish off Ubuntu and that would be it. While that might be still true; other distributions out there do tremendous work: Fedora is one I’d use if there were no Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog

All I can say is this: while I was definitely interested in Information Technology before (and knew I was heading for a Computer Science course); I owe a lot to Linux and Ubuntu for showing me the nitty gritty (that I wanted to see) and has helped me immesureably in my College life. Of course now that Ubuntu is one of the most polished Linux distrobutions out there it helps me when I need to get away from the nitty gritty too ;) To end this post it is only fitting to see the latest version: