MSc in Computer Science at UCD

I’ve recently decided to further my education by applying for a Masters in Computer Science at University College Dublin. It’s very different from a traditional masters course in that it is very much focused on industry, the term the University uses is “Negotiated Learning”. It was a colleague of mine that introduced me to it, I was not even aware that there was what I would call ’non-strict masters’ (that is not a set-in-stone syllabus/research direction).

It’s part time so I continue to practice my craft in software engineering full-time. Naturally all the modules I’m taking have a software slant. Most of the modules are a continuuation of my undergraduate degree, so it’s a natural progression. I said to myself before I left secondary school that I wanted a masters - it’s part ego I’ll admit, but I also want to see if/when I’ll fail. No doubt there will be tough moments, but I’m mentally prepared (I think) for the challenge of (probably, at times) firefighting full-time employment and an MSc.

It’s part of a philosophy that I want to live up to also. That is - just do it (to rip off Nike, I guess). Yes it may be daunting, yes it may financially and emotionally strain you, but you know what? You’re young and now is time. And that’s a philosophy to live by!