Ultimate Games Disc

I got inspiration over this past Easter holidays, being bored, I gave Linux Gaming a shot. I am not much of a gamer myself and most websites aren’t very helpful or have too small a focus (only shoot-em-ups, or only certain Linux distros etc.). Inspired by the fine folks at OpenSourceMac.org and OpenSourceWindows.org, I announce my own project: Ultimate Games Disc. UGD is a project I think I can make very successful. My aims are as follows:

  1. Has to be free, either price and/or freedoms. Huge emphasis placed on Open Source Licenses that conform to the OSI’s free software (and Debian) guidelines.
  2. Preference on cross platform multiplayer games.
  3. Each version should contain mostly the same games, with a few exceptions, based on quality.
  4. There will be three versions, Win, Mac & Linux (Each a DVD-R full)
  5. Must have brain-dead easy installers (Mostly a non-issue)
  6. We won’t host any software, just do documentation and folder structure. We then provide a site where people can cherry pick what they want their UGD to contain.

So that pretty much sums this project up. It will be organised on Launchpad. The overall aim is to introduce as many people on as many platforms to open source gaming!