Updates and New look

LogoJust a note on the new look, hope you like it. I am very fortunate to be running Wordpress, the world’s best blogging tool (and it is open source). I looked up the fabulous theme site to go with it, and I came across this one and liked it very much. The last design was my own, but I had awful trouble implementing to look the same in all browsers (especially Internet Explorer, even the latest one, argh). I know the old one can be improved, so I am submitting to WP Themes directory, which I will update this post with the link. I love the new theme, it brings what I couldn’t to the old one: choosable colours and sameness across browsers. I’d like to thank Justin Winslow for that! Did I mention that the exact same colours are used in this theme? It brings a total different look though, the power of perception! So now you know these are the official DF’s colours!

Further to this, I appreiciate the way posts (on their own page) now take up the whole page. I don’t know about all of you, but I hate intrusive sidebars. Sidebars in general are a necessary evil (for navigating the site!), but I am also happy this design is more “ergonomic”. I have also added one more adblock, so now the top and bottom of posts will feature ads by Google. While I don’t make a lot of money at all, every bit goes towards my costs and promotes two software packages I recommend personally anyway: Firefox and Google Pack. I see this as a win-win situation, so I hope readers won’t mind. The ads in the sidebar should no longer feature any Microsoft advertisements, as I have done my best to filter them through the competitive ad filter. Microsoft’s policy on just about (almost) everything is contrary to my opinion, so I don’t feel I should give them exposure. But credit where credits due, hopefully when I see good things I’ll write about it!