Editor + Terminal

For Editor I use VS Code and Vim/Neovim. I also use Emacs for the excellent org-mode.

For shell I use ZSH with OhMyZSH installed. For terminal I use iTerm2/ but I have also tried Alacritty/kitty on occasion.

My dotfiles are here

Desktop Apps

For web browser - I usually use Safari - unless the website doesn’t work or I need better DevTools then I’ll use Firefox or Chrome.

For RSS reader I use the excellent Reeder (mac/iOS).

For work, I use Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Word - I never use these on a personal machine (I use Apple iWork suite on rare occasion).

Backup Strategy

I host my files on a Synology NAS and back it up to - with mirrors to local USB and cloud sync where needed.

Desk Setup

I have separate work and personal desks in my office.

Personal Desk:

Work Desk

On the go

On my phone (iPhone 15 Pro) I use:

Other Gear